INDUSTRIAL CO gas Varian utilizes the valuable trade of industrial gases and medical experts to produce, distribute, import and engineering services since 1377 began. The most important activities are as follows: 1. The production, distribution and charge all kinds of industrial and medical gases argon-hydrogen-helium-oxygen-nitrogen-carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. for gas and liquid 2. The production, supply and distribution of high purity gases in the PPM and PPB 3. The production, distribution and charge all kinds of mixed gases (MIX) two, three, four compounds as PPM and PPB 4. Procurement and gas Mixing charge of medical sterilization, ethylene oxide: ETHYLEN OXIDE (C2H4O) has called the elixir (OXIDE) with carbon dioxide (CO2) in high-pressure cylinders 5. Supply and transport of liquefied gases: oxygen - nitrogen - argon - carbon dioxide and helium enjoying transportation by tankers for (CRYOGENIC TRANSPORT) in accordance with international standards 6. Installation of production facilities gases oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and utilizes the forces of Iranian and foreign experts and consulting 7. Install tanks for liquid medical gases and industrial automation systems for the central consumer consumption centers in industrial, medical and ... 8. Production of heat exchangers (VAPORIZER) in different dimensions 9-Production of euro for positioning and pressure in a series of cylinders 10. impurity gases and equipped with measuring equipment, gas chromatography (GC) 11. The services hydrotest of cylinders under pressure, internal and external standards-based Rust wall